Boudoir Photography Inspiration Shoot

Winter time seriously must have skipped over us this year.  For the most part, I’m grateful.  My selfish inner-monologue, however, was wishing and hoping for snow so I could shoot this idea that has been brewing in my mind for about two years now.  Knowing that Mother Nature has a mind of her own (what woman doesn’t?) and that trying to coordinate a day with snow, and 4-5 working creatives proved to be a difficult task, so we took a stab in the dark and planned the shoot.  We had the cold, but no snow – and to be completely honest with you at first, I just wasn’t feeling it.  I wanted the snow and felt like that was what was going to make this shoot what I envisioned in my mind.  Poor Sam.

Realizing that what we had the perfect creative team standing right in front of me to make this shoot a success, I quickly smacked myself in the face and got over the fact that we didn’t have snow.   What we did have was a fantastic model (thanks again for volunteering L!), two fabulous stylists and two girls rockin’ some cameras.  We had a fabulous wardrobe assembled and a chance to push the limits with this shoot.  What more could I honestly ask for?  The truth is, my core goal for this session was to inspire our client’s to go big, to think outside of their comfort zone, and to explore creative possibilities!  I didn’t need snow to do that.

A special thanks to the the ladies behind the scenes:
Hair Stylist:  Danna Andreas
Makeup Artist:  Angelia Ijacic
Videographer:  Mika Brown
I’m truly thankful for opportunities to create art with you ladies.