Facebook & Texting = WWW (wild wild west)

Note to all of our Facebook Friends:

We love using Facebook to help make it easier to show off the fun images we create with you! We love it so much that we have built it into our workflow. By doing this we can efficiently blog & FB images for you to share them with your family & friends (it also gives us a little wiggle room to finish up the rest of your images by giving you some of OUR faves to chew on while we wrap everything up!)

The downside to logging on to Facebook, is it’s like stepping into the Wild West. Anything Goes. Comments & messages flying all over the place with no rhyme or reason – leaving it almost impossible for us to track conversations and questions that may be important to you. While we love the versatility that Facebook offers in terms of share your images with your friends & families, we have opted to stick to our primary source of contact for all business related questions, so please do not be offended if you leave a comment question, or send us a message that doesn’t get a response.

Anything business related that you may have questions about (pricing, planning your shoot, etc) should be directed only to our studio email¬†info@theroxystudio.com or by calling the studio at 812-917-5996. ¬†Additionally, Photographer cell numbers are provided for day of shoot contacts (emergency contacts, running late, etc, since we are out of office), but please do not text questions to those numbers concerning important details, as it is nearly impossible to track correspondence via text and may be overlooked (many times questions require some research or calendar access and need time to answer, and by texting those questions there is no way for us to efficiently make a to do list….that’s what we do with our email inbox/voicemail!) :)

Please know, that we want to be as efficient as possible when working with you on your images and by helping us cut down on all the information clutter, we can be even better at doing so! :) Thanks so much for understanding & we will see you on Facebook ;)