Remember in the old days how the radio man would belt out “FLASH!” just before releasing some urgent news?! Well… pardon the pun, but we thought it would also be an excellent name for our *NEW* studio newsletter …you know, with us being a photography studio and all! :)


FLASH will be the new way for you to stay in step with The ROXY Studio!! Sign up [using  the listing to the right of this blog post] to get news on all the latest studio gossip, trends and exclusive promotions! Not to mention, you’ll get to meet the staff and submit your own work for publishing in the monthly circular. This is just another example of how The ROXY Studio keeps you in-the-know!


The launch of FLASH will occur on Friday, July 13th and is the second phase of our *NEW* face lift! Make sure to SIGN UP to catch all the juicy gab! You DON’T want to miss the first issue!


If you already get our newsletters — don’t worry, there is no need to do anything… we’ve got you covered! :)
Oh…and by the way, YOU’VE JUST BEEN FLASHED by The ROXY Girls!